BAU continues international growth

BAU is more attractive than ever among international exhibitors. 37 percent of registrations received to date are from countries other than Germany—an absolute record at this point in time. Due to renewed strong demand for space, the 17 exhibition halls with a total of 180,000 square meters of space are now nearly booked to capacity.

One trend that has been noticeable among visitors for quite some time has now also become evident on the exhibitors’ side: BAU is becoming increasingly international. The number of exhibitors and visitors from abroad continues to increase. The number of international visitors has increased over the past few years from 37,201 (in 2009) to 59,940 (2011), 60,149 (2013) and 72,250 (2015). At the same time, the number of international exhibitors has moved in the same direction, i.e. up from 464 (2009) to 530 (2011), 572 (2013) and 637 (2015). Over six years, that corresponds to an increase of 94 percent among international visitors and 37 percent among international exhibitors.

The reasons for BAU’s growing significance in the international arena are diverse. A very important factor in this regard is BAU’s reputation as an architects’ fair. Some 65,000 BAU visitors come from planning and architecture offices. “And they’re not all German. Plenty of foreign companies exhibit at the fair explicitly because of this target group,” says BAU Exhibition Director Mirko Arend.

International audience: Thumbs up for BAU!

Another aspect is BAU’s role as a springboard to new markets. In a survey of exhibitors, onethird said that Asia and the Middle East were important target markets. “BAU gives them good access to these regions,” explains Arend. “As a leading international trade fair, that has to be our standard.”

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