Key topics for the future of building

BAU 2017 is getting ready to open its gates with four key topics that are critical to the future of building. Many exhibitors will orient their presentations to those topics and have corresponding solutions on display. In the fair’s forums, architects, building engineers and project developers will explain and discuss various aspects of these key topics. And in BAU’s special shows, they will be demonstrated using examples of various products and projects.

Intelligent facades

Over the centuries, facades, supporting structures, materials and their primary protective properties have been inseparable. The facade was a likeness of the building structure behind it. It was an indicator of the building’s use and spoke volumes about its owners, their social status, their wealth and, of course, their sense of aesthetics. This monochrome picture of facades has evolved considerably.

Sustainability and recyclability are becoming mandatory, just like air conditioning using thermoactive elements.

Today facades are multifunctional, innovative shell systems that must and can meet complex requirements. Technological progress in the construction industry is one of the essential aspects as we move toward intelligent and increasingly complex building envelopes. It is something that architects, technical planners and building-material manufacturers must take into account. Protection against rain and weather are the basic functions that the building envelope must continue to perform.

Looking into the future: What will our cities look like in 25 years?

Optimized for energy efficiency—the facade plays the primary role here—it is then augmented with automated control systems for added efficiency and greater comfort. Sustainability and recyclability are becoming mandatory, as are air-conditioning using thermoactive elements and the use of PV elements. The building envelope of the future will be used as a media facade—it interacts with the user and its urban surroundings and can even be used as a leasing model.

Digital design, construction and management

Construction and building technology in particular are currently changing at a dizzying pace. While construction followed the same set of rules for hundreds of years, the technical innovations of the last decade have given rise to an unimagined variety of intelligent building products on the one hand and a new type of architecture (re)production on the other.

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